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Imagine Gen Xers in New York City — that’s what these were attempting to do. These were wanting to be hip and cool. The rabbi and priest had been wanting to conduct by themselves and offer just what could be compelling to Manhattanites and urbanites.

Rabbi Joseph Ebony, Temple Emanuel, Denver: “If we had been an assistant rabbi, and also at the conclusion of a solution I thought to the cantor, ‘Hold on a moment, modification of plans … overlook the track you intend to sing, I’ve got one thing better, ’ I would personally be fired the following day. ”

In the relationship

Norry: “One critique I’ve heard is the fact that the film appears to accept or tolerate interfaith relationships and casual intercourse relationships for rabbis. … You learn by the end that she’s considering transforming to Judaism perhaps, kinda, sorta. However for the many component, right here’s a rabbi who’s involved profoundly, and intimately, with a lady who’s not Jewish, also to whom he’s maybe maybe not married. My reaction to which has had for ages been, ‘Who do you believe we have been? That do you imagine rabbis are? ’ Or these priests — who do you believe they’ve been? It is simply a portrayal that is honest one thing and about somebody. Their failings are individual failings. The non-Jewish thing? Needless to say it is problematic. But that is why it is a great tale. ”

Rabbi Leah Berkowitz, Congregation Kol Ami, Elkins Park, Pennsylvania: “I liked the way they had both an awful Jewish date and a great Jewish date early when you look at the film to exhibit it wasn’t exactly that Jake didn’t like Jewish girls. That designed a great deal to me personally as a girl that is jewish. The potential mate through the exact same ethnicity is a terrible caricature. In a whole lot of interfaith relationship tale lines”

Father Paul Garrity, Lexington Catholic Community, Lexington, Massachusetts: “Celibacy is just a genuine challenge and I was thinking the film did an okay task of working with it. The movie had been a comedy that is romantic therefore an in-depth glance at celibacy was not my expectation. ”

Rabbi Emeritus Elliot Gertel, Congregation Rodfei Zedek, Chicago (from their 2003 book “Over the very best Judaism, ” reprinted together with his authorization): “The movie illustrates a rabbi who desires intercourse and companionship with a Gentile girl it is unwilling to offer his congregation up. Schram has the capacity to result in the synagogue grow, nevertheless the implication at each change is the fact that audience is drawn and misled by superficiality and emptiness. The brand new Age innovations are praised here but encounter as hollow, as does the connection between your rabbi and their gf.

“The movie keeps insisting, also protesting, that Schram does plenty of nutrients, nonetheless it claims absolutely absolutely nothing good about him and about their constituency. The synagogue people are generally tossing their daughters during the rabbi or tangled up in stylish spirituality or perhaps in self-promotion. The rabbi that is senior played by Eli Wallach, is an experienced lackey without any genuine advice to supply. ”

Bellows: “I particularly love that Jenna Elfman’s character converts within the final end. ”

Regarding the rabbi-priest relationship

Jaffe: “In truth, nearly all of my non-Jewish buddies are Christian clergy. ”

Rabbi Emeritus Norman Cohen, Bet Shalom Congregation, Minnetonka, Minnesota: “It reminded me of just just how blessed I have already been to possess a lot of close peers of other faiths, whom remind me that people are typical in this together. We quite often share tales of congregants and their dilemmas and possibilities to play this kind of significant part in their life at critical times. Can’t say we ever competed for similar females! ”

Father James M. Hayes, SJ, associate chaplain for objective, university associated with the Holy Cross: “Rabbi Norman Cohen and I also are dear buddies but since are both 70, a lady isn’t going to get between us. ”

Rafi Cohen: I can certainly say within the rabbinate, establishing positive interreligious relations is very important“If you look back on 20 years ago vs. Today. These relationships help any clergy person react to acts against their faith community, may it be anti-Semitism or graffiti on a mosque or church. Whenever things aren’t so great — you would like those relationships … You might not share sermon ideas, always, however you have actually commonalities. Most of us have the challenges that are same blessings, and conditions that you assist. ”

Garrity: “The rabbi relationship is quite genuine. I could attest compared to that in my life. The film friendship antedates their occupations, making sure that is just a little various. ”

Berkowitz: “It always appeared like a tale, a priest and a rabbi, but i’ve a day-to-day check-in having a Jewish chaplain and two Episcopal priests, and that require for shared understanding is extremely genuine. ”